Create a schedule.

With many transitioning to a work-from-home lifestyle, writing out a schedule can make this big change a bit easier and less stressful. Having your day written out with meetings, to-dos, and activities in designated time blocks allows for more structure- which may be hard to find now being at home more often. Creating a schedule and planning out your day can increase productivity, decrease anxiety, and provide a sense of normalcy during such an uncertain time.

Focus on Nutrient Dense Meals.

Another big component that we can control is what put into our bodies. More important than ever is it to choose highly nutritional foods on a daily basis to not only feel good, but boost our immunity. Lean proteins, high fiber grains, non-starchy vegetables and fruits, and healthy fats are all components to a balanced diet. Take this extra time around the house to experiment with different foods and recipes that you haven’t been able to try before.

Pack a Lunch.

Packing a lunch allows us to make a conscious choice during our day. As a form of meal preparation, this reduces the stress of what we can have to fuel our bodies with during a busy day and help us stay on track with our health. This routine reinforces that structure in your day, helps with portion size and limits mindless snacking while thinking of what you’re having for lunch.

Manage Stress and Find a Healthy Outlet

With stress and anxiety increasing, it is important to find and rely on positive practices to help reduce or manage these feelings. Whether this is deep breathing, meditation, exercise, journaling, reading or other hobbies, mental health is essential to prioritize. It’s okay to be having a hard time. Give yourself some self care in being able to relax and release some of this emotion building up.

Prioritize Exercise.

Just as mentioned before, movement is a great outlet to relieve stress and anxiety. Moving our body, in whichever and whatever way that looks like for you, makes us feel good physically and mentally. It can go a long way and shift our mood fairly quickly. This doesn’t have to be a daily HIIT training, but finding a practice that you enjoy and will go back to.

Tell me what you do to stay healthy, physically and mentally, during the pandemic!

Stay Well. Xo

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