Working with Annie on my health goals was transformative! My well-being was very much improved as I learned the proper way to enjoy food choices. Annie is a wonderful teacher and dietitian as she is very knowledgeable and intelligent. To top it off, she has a caring and compassionate personality. I thoroughly enjoy working with her and I look forward to my session with her. She is the best!” – P.D.

I had the pleasure of working with Annie for some nutritional guidance to reach my goal of eating healthier and controlling my diabetes. Annie spent a lot of time getting to know me and my current eating habits. This was the basis of the whole relationship. She then guided me to make small changes that were very beneficial to me and my goals. In addition, she explained the reason behind each change and how it would help me and make it easy for me to accept the change. The benefit really was realized when several small changes are made, it resulted in a big change that was very helpful to me. Annie is very personable and did not judge my very poor eating habits and help me feel better about the changes that I was making. She was very patient and did a tremendous amount of research to keep helping me make better decisions. Her smile and enthusiasm is what helped motivate me to make the changes. Because of Annie I was able to lower my A1C (blood sugar) levels to pre diabetes levels. Annie is a person I would recommend and would want to have her helping people like me.” – A.P.

I have met with Annie for nutritional counseling a number of times.  She has helped me to meet my goals, which were to achieve a healthy sugar count.  I was pre-diabetic.  With Annie’s expertise in her field I was able to achieve both goals.  She was very patient, and understood my goals.  Annie taught me how to eat, what to eat and gave me so many ideas of how to achieve my goals.  I look forward to meeting with her again in the future. A very satisfied client….” – P.L.

“I started seeing Annie Z last year hoping to start to eat better and lower my A1C. Our first visit was informative for me to get my nutrition in a good spot.
She is attentive, gives me great options, and always connects through emails!I would give her a 10 as a nutritionist and as a person! She is a pleasure to work with!!” – D.L.

“Annie is an amazing Registered Dietitian! I’ve always struggled with my body image and relationship with food and exercise. Annie has given me the tools to look at food, exercise, and my body image in a more positive light. I am learning to listen to my body and give it what needs in the moment; whether it’s taking a day off from the gym or making sure I’m enjoying my food, I’m in a better headspace. Traveling a lot for work can be difficult to manage as well; Annie has really helped with creating a plan, managing expectations, and making sure I’m nourishing my body in the right way. She’s even reviewed menus beforehand to help make healthier choices. She goes the extra mile! Annie is always posting great content on her social media and website. I love all of the tasty and easy recipe ideas as well as the intentional food and body image content. She always follows up with advice, tips, and recipes promptly. I’d highly recommend Annie and A to Z Wellness Solutions for anyone looking for a registered dietitian. You will not be disappointed!” – S.Z.

Life changing experience!

May 23, 2022

This was the first time talking to a nutritionist about being over weight, and wanting to change the way I approach food. Unlike a lot of people I have always had a hard time with my weight, and it’s now taking a toll on my health . Annie was very helpful in the way I look at food and planning my meals for the day. She was so informative and helpful with any question I had, and explained it to me that made it easy for me to follow. I know if I need more support in the future she will be there to help. Amazing support system!


Assessment review

May 1, 2024

Annie is truly an exceptional person. She is very patient and informative about her work. She goes beyond the patient doctor relationship. She is understanding of all your nutritional needs and sets up an easy guide for the needs you may have for your digestive health.


Annie is great easy to communicate with

August 3, 2023

I would highly recommend using her service