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Our mission at A to Z Wellness Solutions, LLC is to help clients reach their ideal health goals in a positive and sustainable way. Let go of fad diets and feel your best once and for all.

Annie Zappulla

registered dietitian Nutritionist and integrative health coach

I believe in the power of food paired with behavior change in seeking our highest self. With proper education, clarity on our why, and the right support system, something magical and empowering can come about.

My goal is to help you find ease in everyday life by prioritizing yourself, your health, and your values. Life has a lot of complicated, moving parts – food shouldn’t be one of them. It is possible to reach your ultimate health vision without restriction, guilt, and judgment.

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From our happy clients

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Life-changing experience! Annie was very helpful in the way I look at food and planning my meals for the day. She was so informative and helpful with any question I had, and explained it to me that made it easy for me to follow… Amazing support system!

-R.P. (May 2022)

Annie was amazing to work with! I was so intimidated and overwhelmed by trying to navigate and figure out my stomach issues (on top of other medical issues) on my own for several years, and nothing seemed to work. Annie was so patient and understanding, and really took the time with me to help me feel better and feel confident in that aspect of my life for the first time in a long time. I would have never been able to get there on my own. I would recommend her to anyone!

-A.B. (October 2023)

Annie is an absolute gift to the wellness and registered dietitian space… She is just the RD I needed to connect with. She has such an amazing philosophy and overall outlook on feeling well, connecting ALL aspects of your busy life with kindness and so much compassion…I cannot recommend her services any further. Thank you Annie, you’re amazing!!

-E.A. (January 2023)

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